Makeup Shopping At Winners and Marshalls

I absolutely love shopping for beauty products at Winners and Marshalls, and I have been a customer for years! Last month, I conducted a poll with my audience to see the number of people who shopped for beauty products at these stores. Some people said that they loved shopping there, while others didn't know that Marshalls and Winners were viable options for makeup shopping.

For me, Winners and Marshalls are amongst my go to destinations for my beauty needs. Their prices are amazing, and I love that they have stepped up their game when it comes to having more brand selection. Keep in mind that they only have a small section for makeup products, so don't expect same amount of variety as you would find at a drugstore or department store. 

Although I love finding gems at these stores shopping there does come with it's pros and cons. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to go makeup shopping at Winners and Marshalls 


      1. You can find drugstore and high-end products at discounted rates. This makes it a great place to buy tester makeup before investing and buying the product at full price.
      2. Makeup can be returned even after it's been opened! I love this because drugstore makeup cannot be returned once it's opened


    1. Some of the makeup have been opened and touched. Please don't purchase opened makeup because the shelf-life begins to run as of the day it's opened.
    2. You might not be able to find the same product the next time you visit the store. If you know you will regret not buying it then it's best to purchase it right when you see it. They have a great return policy so you can always return it if you don't like it!
    3. The makeup products aren't always from the newest launches. But that shouldn't stop you from purchasing them. Trends come and go. Just make sure the makeup you are purchasing hasn't been opened. 

    I hope this was helpful for anyone considering shopping at Winners and Marshalls for beauty products. Despite the cons, it's definitely still worth checking out!