August 29th 2020 at 2:30pm Est 

1.5 Hours of Makeup Fun!

In this makeup class, I will be demonstrating how to do your makeup for a day party! Including makeup for glasses as well as how to touch up your makeup during the day! This class is perfect for all levels of makeup lovers. Get ready to step up your makeup routine! 

You Will Learn:

  • Makeup tools and their proper use
  • Skin preparation for makeup application
  • Proper foundation and concealer application
  • How to properly apply blush and bronzer
  • Brows 
  • How to properly apply soft eye shadow to accentuate the eyes
  • How to touch up your makeup during the day 


How To Get An Invitation To The Masterclass: 


Once you make a purchase you will get an invitation to the masterclass! 


** Makeup giveaway at the masterclass***

For more information please contact me through my email address